Man on Harness

A culture of respect for the inherent dangers of our work and for the importance of avoiding those dangers is critical to the working relationships we have with our co-workers, our Subcontractors, and our General Contractor clients.

Our diligent and proactive approach to training, reporting, housekeeping, and maintenance has allowed us to work repeatedly for clients who have some of the most demanding safety requirements in our industry.

SCF Award

Ricor, Inc. has developed a comprehensive company-wide Environmental, Safety and Health Plan, which is actively enforced and constantly improved. Project-specific plans are tailored to the requirements of each job site and to the expectations of each client.  Ricor employees are regularly upgraded in their training and provided with the all required safety attire and equipment.

Ricor has been recognized numerous times for our commitment to a safe and healthy working environment. We are very proud of the awards and recognition we have received over the years and we are constantly striving to develop and improve our culture of safety. Work that is not performed safely is of no value to our clients.